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friendship is SO cute...

today i´m the fool that looks for, not finding a way out for all the wasted love; today i don't care if the shaft has only thorns, or if the garden has only dry branches; today, the music is my sigh, and the paper, my kiss...

it fucks you up so much doing the impossible to see someone happy, to help someone, and see that that "someone" doesn't give a damn and thinks about you only when (s)he needs you... an irrefutable evidence of the power of affection in times of necessity... now, i DO understand that thing of "you only know friends in hard times"... when they're OK, you don't even see them, but when they're with the shit to the neck, you're their Christ... that, if you're lucky to be one of the first ones in the list, cuz if there's someone above you who helps them first, you don't see them either... friendship is that cute...
thus, i'm gradually dissapointing of all the things i used to believe in... and of all the people as well...
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