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Really Rather Random

Yes, That's Us To A T!

Join us - spread the randomness!
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Okay, this is a community for anybody who likes anything - this is a random community and if you feel like joining, be my guest! Chat about anything, spread the word about cool new stuff, whatever!
Your random mod/maintainer for this wacky world is hipindiechick

When You Join

- The community does not use applications. But it would be greatly appriciated if you did an introductory post with the following:

Name: Lie if you like. Go on, say Mrs. Pete Doherty or Mr. Liv Tyler if you really want. We won't mind!
Age: Simply so someone doesn't ask "What do you study?" to a person who's been in full time employment for three years! But that's hardly likely!
Location: Be as vague as you like. Say USA or whatever. Obviously, don't post you address. For your safety as well as everybody else's. Or lie. Like, you're on Mars. Go on!
Bands: We're super-diverse here, chances are you like what we like. If you like stuff we don't, fair enough, encourage others to join who do!
Hobbies: So we know what you like to start off conversations. We need stuff to talk about!
Random Stuff: This is the bit where you say anything you like - what food you like, countries you've been to, distinguishing scars, you work for MI5.. Ha ha! Anything at all, go ahead.

A Few Guidelines

- Please don't use this community as a place to complain about other people. That is not what it was made for.

- Please don't insult other people because of their tastes in something (like music). We are all our own people and diversity is a good thing. It makes conversation interesting!

- It's okay to promote other communities here, but please don't just promote and nothing else. We like to hear about how our members are.

- Long posts under an LJ Cut. This includes large pics. If you don't know what this is or how to do it (don't worry, we all need to learn at some point), then ask somebody or look on the FAQ. It's why it's there! d;-)

- Don't post anything you know will truly upset or hurt others. If you do it intentionally, it is your responsibility to delete the post in question, and make another post with a formal apology in the community, and then comment on the user's journal telling them you have apologised there so they may read it. You will be allowed to remain in the community, but do it again and YOU WILL BE BANNED UTTERLY. You will not be able to rejoin under your current, or any other, username. End of story.

- If you post something controversial or candid, just put a little "no offence" announcement or something. I find it highly unlikely you're going to post just to get kicked off. And as several people here are friends, I don't think we're gonna have a cyber-mud-slinging thingy.

- If you post something and somebody does get hurt (but you didn't see they would), then it is your responsibility to post an apology in the community and explain yourself. And comment on the user's journal, saying you've posted an apology. You will be allowed to reamin in the community, and recieve a caution from hipindiechick (the mod). Basically, be more careful in the future. You can recieve two cautions. A third and you're out, as above.

- Concerning swearing, this is how it goes. You can say "I had a fucking awful day today, it was really shit". That's fine. But you can't say something like "__________ is a complete bitch and she's a fucking pain in the arse." See above. Basically, you can swear about things like the weather, your day, a school subject, but not people. If you openly swear in a distatseful manner, the process above kicks in. That sounds posh but attacking people in that way is just stupid and hurtful.
*breathes* That's about it! Enjoy!

Oh, and before I go, please keep quiz posting to a minimum, I created quiz_central for that!